Finland’s Boomeranger Boats lands Indian, UAE Navy RHIB contracts

Finnish boat builder Boomeranger Boats will be delivering its rigid hull inflatable boats to the United Arab Emirates and the Indian Navy after signing the contracts earlier this year.

Announcing the contracts, the company said it is set to deliver a total of 34 special operations boats to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Defence Forces and an unspecified number of RHIBS to India.

According to the company, the UAE boats are equipped for VBSS (visit, board, search and seizure) and combat diver operations. The RHIBS will be fitted with thermal imaging cameras, armor plating and helicopter transport systems, in addition to other tactical equipment.

The contract with the Indian Navy also includes a support package agreement, the company added, noting that specifics would be outlined as the project progresses.

Boomeranger Boats’ special operation boats models range from 7.4 to 12 meters in length and reach speeds of up to 40 nautical miles with either outboard or inboard sterndrive and waterjet propulsion.

The company said it landed the UAE Navy contract after welcoming a new Abu Dhabi owner, who invested in the Loviisa factory, enabling the purchase of new design tools and development of company infrastructure.

“We have been working on these deals for six years. The contracts raise our profile to a whole new level, placing us into our own category. As a note, these are the best kinds of contracts a manufacturer can have, and it is a compliment that both the Indian and United Arab Emirates’ authorities trust the Finnish know-how,” managing director Miika Tammi said.

“We are currently expanding the factory by a third. During this year, we have hired 10 new boat builders, and we have significantly expanded our subcontractor network,” Boomeranger Boats CTO Jani Leskinen commented.