Bakker Sliedrecht to deliver electrical propulsion system for Mexican Navy patrol vessel

Dutch shipbuilder Damen has contracted Bakker Sliedrecht to deliver its electrical auxiliary propulsion system for the Mexican Navy’s SIGMA 10514 long-range patrol vessel.

The vessel is currently under construction at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, after the contract was signed at the beginning of the year.

A coin-laying ceremony in August marked the official start of works on the vessel.

As with the previous Sigma vessels Damen built for the Indonesian Navy, the vessel for Mexico will be constructed modularly, with shipbuilding activities taking place in both the Netherlands and Mexico. Two of the six modules will be constructed at DSNS’ location in Vlissingen, whilst the remaining four will be built at a Mexican Shipyard. Upon conclusion, the six modules will be integrated in Mexico.

The electrical propulsion system Bakker Sliedrecht is to deliver is composed of two 1325 kW electric propulsion motors from Indar and two water-cooled variable-frequency drives with active front ends. Both frequency drives will be cooled by one water-cool unit to save weight, space and costs.

The long-range patrol vessel is scheduled to be delivered to the Mexican Navy in early 2020. It will be used by the Mexican Navy in international exercises, humanitarian missions and territorial water protection.