Swedish AIS maker to deliver AIS receivers for US Navy submarines

US defense contractor Lockheed Martin has selected a Swedish Automatic Identification System (AIS) manufacturer to deliver its AIS systems for US Navy’s Virginia-class submarines.

After an initial order in 2014, Sweden’s True Heading on December 20 announced an expanded contract for the delivery of its AIS RX PRO special receiver.

Lockheed will use the receiver for the Virginia-class submarine BLQ-10 system, an electronic support measures system for operations in the open-ocean environment and the littoral signals environment.

The BLQ-10 system provides automated intercept capability including detection, classification, localization and identification of both radar and communications signals.

True Heading’s AIS RX PRO is designed specifically with AIS receiving capacity only. For navies, it is the best way to have the most secure means to see all AIS traffic transmitted within the available coverage area and can even intercept addressed messages between other AIS stations such as ships, aircraft and ground stations.

“We are honored to be able to continue to offer our AIS receivers to such a distinguished client,” True Heading CEO Anders Bergström said. “True Heading constantly strives to produce the highest quality products with the most features at a cost effective and competitive price. To have a repeat order of this magnitude is a testament to our innovation and reliability.”