Russia’s Delta-IV submarine ‘Tula’ heads home after two-year overhaul

The Russian Navy’s fourth Delta-IV class ballistic missile submarine ‘Tula’ has completed her overhaul at the Zvezdochka shipyard and is now en route to her homeport in Murmansk where she will re-enter service with the Northern Fleet.

Tula spent the past two years undergoing repair and modernization works in Severodvinsk.

The shipbuilder said the submarine wrapped up all her post refit trials returning to Severodvinsk on December 21, after the submarine’s commander assessed the submarine to be ready for a return to the fleet.

Tula was built by the shipbuilding company Sevmash and entered service in 1987. She is the fourth submarine in the Project 667BDRM class (referred to as Delfin-class in Russian, Delta-IV is the NATO classification).

During a modernization refit in 2004, Tula was upgraded with the capability to carry the R-29RMU Sineva liquid-fueled submarine-launched ballistic missile.

Prior to returning Tula to the fleet, Zvezdochka completed repairs and modification on another Delta IV ballistic missile submarine. Podmoskovye was delivered to the Russian Navy in December 2016 after having its missile compartment removed and replaced with a module capable of deploying “mini-submarines” with the aim of counteracting US and NATO intelligence efforts.

According to the shipyard’s press center, the fourth Delta submarine ‘Bryansk’ is next in line for the overhaul.

Photo: Zvezdochka