South Korea retires Ulsan-class frigate, Pohang corvettes

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The Republic of Korea Navy on December 27 announced the decommissioning of an Ulsan-class frigate and two Pohang-class corvettes.

The decommissioned frigate is the Chungnam, with pennant number FF-953. The frigate spent 31 years in ROK Navy service after commissioning in 1986 as the third ship in the Ulsan-class of frigates.

The first three frigates in the class have been decommissioned so far while further six remain in service. They are being replaced by Incheon-class frigates, the second batch of witch is already under construction.

In addition to ROKS Chungnam, the navy also decommissioned two Pohang-class corvettes – the Yeosu (PCC-765) and Jinhae (PCC-766). The corvettes were decommissioned after 31 and 27 years of service, respectively. Similarly to the Ulsan-class frigates, the roles of Pohang-class corvettes are being taken over by Incheon-class frigates.

The decommissioned ships are to be used for training purposes.

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