Royal Navy patrol vessel HMS Trumpeter starts maintenance after nine months of operations

Royal Navy’s Archer-class patrol and training vessel HMS Trumpeter is out of the water for maintenance after an operational period which saw the boat cover nearly 6,000 nautical miles and conduct 43 port visits.

Trumpeter has to undergo maintenance in order to sustain operations for the next 12 months.

Emerging from refit in late February and a change of command, Trumpeter started her year of operations in April.

Getting underway from Den Helder she worked her way south along the Netherlands coast line conducting Maritime Security as well as training embarked URNU students.

From the crew continued south towards Belgium, where port visits included Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Ostend.

Trumpeter also took part in Squadex a 14-ship drill of the 1st Patrol Boat Squadron, taking place in the Solent over a two day period to conduct manoeuvres and ship handling in close proximity to each other!

The second portion of the deployment saw the ship host a number of students and prospective P2000 captains for their practical training sea week.

Once back in Ipswich, the boat’s crew started preparations for the imminent Annual Slip and Repair Period (refit).

After extensive planning much of the ships ancillary equipment and non-essential items were removed before making the journey north, to South Shields prior to being lifted from the water to begin maintenance.