Russian Navy landing ship Yamal collides with container ship in Aegean

RFS 156 ‘Yamal’ sustained damages on its port side. Photo: Twitter/Capt_Navy

Russian Navy landing ship Yamal collided with Sierra Leone-flagged container ship M/V Orca 2 in the Aegean Sea on December 30, the Russian defense ministry said in a statement to news agency TASS.

No one was injured in the collision according to the Russian Navy, but photos shared by shipspotters on social media show the navy ship had sustained considerable damage to its port side amidships.

M/V Orca 2 was en route to Turkish port of Gemlik when it veered starboard and hit Yamal during an “overtaking maneuver”, the Russian Navy said. The collision took place in the Aegean Sea, northwest of Rhodes port, and both ships continued on to their destinations.

While the incident took place on December 30, the Russian Navy acknowledged it only after photos of the damage appeared on social media on January 9.

Yamal is currently moored at the Sevastopol Shipyard where it will undergo repairs.


According to Bosphorus shipspotter Yörük Işık, RFS 156 ‘Yamal’ was frequently tasked with carrying weapons and supplies from Russia to the Syrian port of Tartus, having made 10 trips in 2017.