Turkish patrol boat, Greek gunboat collide off disputed Imia islet

A Turkish patrol boat bumped into a Hellenic Navy gunboat while maneuvering near the disputed Imia islet in the Aegean Sea, according to Greek media reports.

The incident took place on January 17 near the two small uninhabited islets in the Agean Sea which are part of the larger Aegean Sea dispute between Turkey and Greece. The islets are referred to as Kardak in Turkey.

The islets were the object of a military crisis in 1996.

According to Greek reports, overall three Turkish Coast Guard vessels had entered Greek territorial waters and one of them bumped into Hellenic Navy gunboat HS Nikiforos during what was described as a dangerous maneuver.

The Nikiforos did not sustain damages in the collision and was able to continue its patrol. Turkish patrol boats returned to Turkish territorial waters after the incident.

The video below shows the intense moment.

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