Sweden buys back previously sold Gotland submarine base

Swedish Armed Forces have bought back a submarine base in Fårösund, Gotland, after it had been sold in the 2000s as part of defense cuts.

This was announced by the Swedish Fortifications Agency (SFA) which said the deal is now subject to government approval. The agreement had been under negotiation since February 2017.

Buying back the facility was not easy for the defense ministry as they faced competition from a Russian oligarch who was interested in acquiring the port, Swedish media reports said after the government’s intention to buy back the port was disclosed.

The port went into civilian hands in 2004 for a price of 18 million Swedish krona. Now it is being bought back for 20 million, according to the SFA.

As outlined in the agreement, the acquisition requires the government’s approval by April 16 and the harbor is to be taken over on April 30, 2018.

With the acquisition of Fårösund complete, Sweden now has control over two ports in Gotland. Kappellshamn, the other base on Gotland, was bought back in 2016.