L3 joins BAE Systems for Australian Future Frigate bid

US-based command and communication company L3 Technologies announced it is joining the BAE Systems Power and Propulsion Team by providing the integrated platform management system (IPMS) for BAE’s proposed Type 26 frigate design adapted for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) SEA5000 program.

L3 was selected to provide the IPMS, as well as controls and instrumentation (C&I), for the nine Type 26 Global Combat Ships proposed for the SEA5000 program.

If BAE’s design is selected, the total value of this contract, which is expected to be awarded by the federal government in April or May, is AU$35 billion (approximately US$27.4 billion).

The L3 IPMS provides integrated monitoring and control of warship propulsion, electrical, auxiliary and damage control machinery and systems. The IPMS will be implemented in Australia through L3 supported by Australian industry using technology from L3 MAPPS units based in Canada and the UK.

“This is an excellent example of Australian industry collaboration and innovation to deliver a world-leading solution to the Royal Australian Navy,” said Alan Titheridge, managing director of L3 Technologies Australia. “This teaming will achieve unrivalled Australian Industrial Capability (AIC) in this niche domain.”

“The proposed system shares its core technology with more than 200 naval ships in 22 different navies, and we are pleased to support BAE’s proposal for SEA5000 with such leading-edge technology,” added Rangesh Kasturi, president of L3 MAPPS.

L3 established an industrial capability in Australia more than a decade ago and is employing 200 Australians in several locations, including Fremantle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Sales in 2017 were in excess of AU$100 million.