Finland seeks Harpoon, ESSM missiles for new corvettes, missile boat upgrades

Finland is looking to acquire a total of $730 million worth of US-built missiles for its future multi-role corvettes and for the upgrade of its Hamina-class missile boats.

The US State Department approved the possible sale on Monday, which, if realized, would be the first time Finland has bought either Harpoon or Evolved Seasparrow Missiles (ESSM).

Finland is requesting 68 ESSM missiles and one ESSM inert operational missile for an estimated cost of $112.7 million. The price also includes 17 MK25 quad pack canisters, eight MK783 shipping containers and other support equipment and services.

Finland intends to use the ESSM missiles on its Squadron 2020 multi-role corvettes, which are scheduled to start construction in 2019.

Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS) Tucson would be the main contractor for the missiles, and BAE Systems would be responsible for the delivery of missile canisters.

The larger portion of the sale would be the acquisition of Harpoon anti-ship missiles valued at $622 million.

This sale would include 100 RGM-84Q-4 Harpoon Block II Plus Extended Range Grade B missiles, 12 RGM-84L-4 Harpoon Block II Grade B missiles, 12 RGM-84Q-4 Harpoon Block II+ ER Grade B upgrade kits, and eight exercise missiles.

Harpoon missiles would be fitted on the Hamina-class missile boats which are currently being upgraded, the multi-role corvette ships, and coastal batteries.