US destroyers Dewey and Sterett get underway for “up-gunned” Expeditionary Strike Group deployment in Indo Pacific

US Navy destroyers USS Dewey (DDG 105) and USS Sterett (DDG 104) got underway from their San Diego homeport on February 6 to start a deployment to the Indo-Pacific region which will see them work together with the F-35B ready USS Wasp.

The two destroyers will be supporting an expeditionary strike group centered around the forward-deployed USS Wasp in order to advance US Pacific Fleet’s “up-gunned ESG” concept. Wasp’s ability to land and launch the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter is a key element to the up-gunned ESG concept.

The expeditionary strike group will combine a three-ship amphibious ready group (ARG) with a three ship guided-missile destroyer surface action group (SAG).

Surface ships like Dewey and Sterett enhance an amphibious force’s ability to conduct its primary mission of ship-to-shore movement in the littorals, particularly in a contested environment. Dewey and Sterett possess important sensors and weapons to detect and neutralize undersea, surface and air threats that are vital to protecting the amphibious force.

“The Dewey crew is prepared, committed and ready to execute all tasks,” said Cmdr. Anthony L. Webber, Dewey commanding officer. “We look forward to another deployment and safe return home to our love ones.”

“The men and women onboard Sterett are ready to execute the mission,” said Cmdr. Claudine Caluori, Sterett commanding officer. “It is an honor to lead such a talented and hardworking team.”

While on deployment, Dewey and Sterett will train with forward-deployed amphibious ships across all mission areas and further refine tactics, techniques and procedures integrating with an expeditionary strike group.

After completing successful training and preparation, both ships and their respective crews are prepared for this deployment, working with their amphibious counterparts.

Dewey and Sterett last deployed in 2017 and operated with regional navies to conduct routine patrols, maritime security operations and theater security cooperation activities to enhance regional security and stability.