Royal Navy bomb disposal experts dealing with River Thames WW2 device

The Royal Navy has sent a team of bomb disposal experts to work with the Metropolitan Police to remove a Second World War bomb found in the River Thames.

After the 500 kg device was found on Sunday, the London City Airport closed and remained shut on Monday.

The device was discovered in the George V Dock during pre-planned work at the airport.

The device has been examined by Metropolitan Police and Royal Navy diver teams and is confirmed as being a 500kg tapered end shell measuring approximately 1.5m.

Lieutenant Commander Jonny Campbell, the officer in charge of Southern Diving Unit 2, said: “Our priority is safety to life which is why the airport has been closed as a precautionary measure.

“We are taking the necessary steps to ensure the device is as safe as possible before we remove it from the sea bed and tow it away to a safe disposal site.

“We will then attach high-grade military explosives before carrying out a controlled explosion later today. The aim is to cause as little disruption to the city of London as possible.”

It is lying in a bed of dense silt and the first stage of the removal operation is to free the shell from the silt so it can be floated for removal.

The operation to remove the ordnance is ongoing in partnership with between the Royal Navy and Metropolitan Police.

The timing of removal is dependent on the tides.