Italy’s Augusta Naval Shipyard dry docks first submarine in 14 years

The Italian Navy shipyard in Augusta has completed a two-year modernization process and is now ready to offer extensive services for the navy fleet, including submarines.

As a result of the upgrade, a Sauro-class submarine is dry docked in Augusta for an overhaul for the first time in 14 years.

The last time a submarine was repaired here was when ITS Longobardo completed its overhaul in 2004.

The choice to invest in the Sicilian base was mainly driven by the decision to invest in the local dock maintenance, notably enhancing the efficiency of a number of accessory services, relaunching the workshops’ technical capabilities, and recovering the vocational qualification of the shipyard workers, who will be entrusted with repair works on the engines of submarine ITS Prini, in the engine workshop of the shipyard.

“In the Italian Navy’s strategic vision for Sicily, the initiatives undertaken by the Augusta Naval Shipyard Command are aimed at relaunching the shipyard’s productiveness, of such great interest and source of potential development not only for the Italian Navy but also for the territory, boosting local employment and economy”, commented Rear Admiral Nicola de Felice, Sicily Maritime Commander.

In 2017, the Augusta Naval Shipyard’s 2 floating docks have provided repair and maintenance works for 9 naval vessels and a civilian tug, increasing the capacity utilization rate of its production facilities.

The naval shipyard also manages power plants and power supply services both for ships undergoing refurbishment or extensive repairs, and units moored at the “Banchina Tullio Marcon” of the Patrol Forces Command, besides all careening activities.

Photo: Italian Navy