The Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier now has a ping pong club

The Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is so big that the crew have had enough space aboard to set up a ping pong club, according to a recent Royal Navy story.

The Royal Navy says that the ride of the 65,000-ton ship is smooth enough to provide a stable platform for the sport, most of time.

The Portsmouth-based warship, currently undergoing helicopter trials in the western Mediterranean, is also equipped with two main gyms with facilities at least on a par with many land-based sports centers.

There are spinning and cardio-vascular suites, weights, a boxing ring, while the hangar and flight deck can be used for circuits and running.

A three-strong team of physical training instructors – one chief, two leading hands – keep the 700 sailors on their toes, although the simply walking around the carrier on a daily basis means most ship’s company are getting in 20,000 steps (the recommended is at least 10,000).

And 28-year-old LPT Elise Broughton from Hull doesn’t have a hard time in motivating her shipmates.

She served aboard the ship as a warfare specialist before returning as a fully-qualified physical trainer – nicknamed clubz in the Navy.

“Coming back on board has actually been better than I expected. The crew want to be here, they want to use the sporting facilities. They get up early to train and are mega keen to get involved in sport,” said Elise.

“I love it on board. If the navy is this good, I don’t want to leave.”