Qatar Coast Guard’s first 48-meter patrol boat completes sea trials

Turkish shipbuilder ARES has completed sea trials for the first of two 48-meter patrol boats designed and built for the Qatar Coast Guard.

The vessels were designed by UK-based BMT who have partnered with ARES Shipyard (ARES) to design and build 17 patrol boats from advanced composites in 36 months, 18 months ahead of schedule.

The last in the series – the 48-meter ARES 150 Hercules has just completed sea trials which have been hailed a success with the vessel achieving a maximum speed of 37 knots.

The total order from the Qatar Ministry of Interior, Coastguard has comprised of three different vessel sizes: five of 24 meters, 10 of 34 meters and two of 48 meters. Qatar has subsequently ordered further three 48-meter versions.

BMT has been responsible for the naval architecture, including hull development, class level design and engineering work on all three vessel sizes.

Kerim Kalafatoğlu, chairman and executive director at ARES Shipyard said: “These boats break two important records – firstly, they have become the largest composite hull military ship to have ever been built in Turkey and secondly, with its speed of 37 nautical miles an hour, it is the world’s fastest offshore patrol vessel (OPV). It is exciting to also report that the outstanding performance of the first ARES 150 HERCULES has also led to an immediate order for a further three vessels.”