South African Navy picks Damen for Project Biro inshore patrol vessel build

South African defense procurement agency Armscor has awarded Damen a contract for the construction of three inshore patrol vessels as part of the South African Navy’s Project Biro.

South African Navy Damen Shipyards Cape Town (DSCT) will build three 62-meter vessels after being selected as a preferred bidder for the contract in February 2017.

The vessels will be based on Damen’s FCS 5009 Sea Axe design and will be used to tackle illegal trafficking and fishing.

DSCT received the order four years after receiving an order to deliver tugs for the South African Navy under Project Canter.

“We are very happy to receive this order and are looking forward to this continuation of our long-standing relationship with the South African Navy,” DSCT chairman Sam Montsi said.

The IPVs will be the first vessels of a Damen Sea Axe design to operate in South Africa.

The South African Navy is also acquiring a new hydrographic vessel under a separate project named Project Hotel. According to Defenceweb, the hydrographic vessel will be built by South African Shipyards under a contract finalized in December 2017.