Plasan to provide armoring for UK Type 26 frigates

Israel-based ballistic protection company Plasan will be delivering armoring solutions for the Royal Navy’s new Type 26 frigates, the company announced on Thursday.

Plasan received the armoring contract from BAE Systems, the main contractor for the Type 26 program.

The frigates are to be built at BAE Systems’ Glasgow shipyard where the first three vessels in the class will start production this year under a £3.7 billion contract.

“Plasan’s world-leading armoring technology, flexibility and innovation are well-suited for the Type 26 concept and will contribute to the program’s protection,” the company said in the announcement.

Also referred to as City- class, the eight new frigates will replace the equivalent number of specialist submarine-hunting Type 23 frigates currently in service.

The Type 26 frigates are 60ft longer and 2,000 tonnes heavier than their predecessors, equipped with bow and towed array sonar, Sea Ceptor air defence missiles and a 5in main gun.

The ships will also be equipped with a mission bay for plug-in containers carrying equipment for specific tasks, such as disaster relief, and a flight deck big enough to take a Chinook – though the Fleet Air Arm’s Merlin and Wildcat helicopters will be more common.


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