USS George H.W. Bush passes INSURV

US Navy aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) has wrapped up the navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) material inspection (MI).

INSURV inspectors evaluate ships against navy standards to determine their overall combat readiness. INSURV is congressionally mandated for all navy ships in intervals not to exceed 60 months.

Lt. Cmdr. Winston Cotterell, GHWB’s INSURV coordinator, said numerous trial runs allowed the crew to improve on discrepancies and prepare for the final MI.

“The 5-phase preparation plan allowed the crew to become more familiar with the INSURV standard and correct discrepancies prior to the final inspection,” said Cotterell. “Ultimately the crew’s dedication and attention to detail contributed to our successful performance during the actual MI.”

The ship’s commanding officer also had words of praise for the crew of GHWB.

“I am so proud of our crew and the consistent hard work they put in to execute the MI,” said Capt. Sean R. Bailey, commanding officer. “Our success was a direct result of the collective efforts of our entire team and the pride in ownership that I see every day aboard the ship.”

With the completion of the MI, Cotterell said the ship is prepared for any tasking and will remain battle-ready at all times.

“We proved to congress and the American people that we are mission ready and capable of deploying in a sustained combat function,” said Cotterell.

The ship is in Norfolk while conducting routine maintenance in preparation for the upcoming Maintenance Material Management Inspection (3MI).