Navantia picks NSAG IPMS for Future Frigates

Shipbuilding company Navantia has selected Adelaide-based Navantia SAGE Automation Group (NSAG) to supply the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for its Future Frigates bid.

The selection follows the transfer of IPMS technology to Australia in support of the Navantia Australia designed Canberra Class amphibious ships and Hobart Class destroyers.

Established in 2016 as a joint venture between Navantia Australia and SAGE Automation, NSAG is responsible for the regional management, development and sustainment of the IPMS system. The system allows the remote control and monitoring of platform systems on board naval vessels.

“The technology transfer which has taken place to bring the IPMS to Australia demonstrates Australian companies’ ability to be globally competitive in the naval shipbuilding sector,” Donato Martinez, Navantia Australia managing director, commented.

The NSAG IPMS is already on board the Royal Australian Navy (RAN)’s Canberra Class amphibious ships, Hobart Class destroyers, and will be installed on the replenishment ships Supply and Stalwart currently being constructed by Navantia. By 2020, almost 2,000 RAN servicemen and women will be trained and will operate in the NSAG IPMS environment, Navantia said in a statement.

If Navantia Australia’s F-5000 is selected, the number of RAN ships with the NSAG IPMS will rise to 16.

“The selection of the Australian NSAG IPMS for the F-5000 is part of our plan to grow Australian industry and increase Australia’s sovereign capability through the Future Frigate program,” Martinez concluded.

Based on the Hobart Class destroyers already being built in Australia, Navantia Australia’s F-5000 will provide the RAN with “the most capable anti-submarine warfare vessels in its history.”

In late January, Navantia Australia teamed up with Tasmanian firm Taylor Bros for work on the RAN’s Future Frigates. The duo will work together on this project from the design stage.