Tri-nation exercise onboard Royal Australian Navy’s frigate

HMAS Toowoomba has strengthened the Royal Australian Navy’s ties to international navies after hosting personnel from the United Kingdom and New Zealand during Exercise Ocean Explorer 2018.

A junior officer from each country worked onboard the frigate during navy’s premier fleet warfighting activity to conduct formal warfare training and aviation familiarization respectively.

Ensign Sean Kerwick of the Royal New Zealand Navy has joined Toowoomba for a twelve-month posting to complete training as a Maritime Warfare Officer. Ensign Kerwick has already completed several stages of Maritime Warfare Training in Australia and will spend much of the year on deployment as part of the Toowoomba crew.

Sub Lieutenant Pilot trainee Callum Fitzsimons of the Royal Navy is on a six-month posting to Australia and took the opportunity during Ocean Explorer to spend time onboard Toowoomba. The ship’s helicopter capability enabled a familiarization of flying operations throughout his two weeks at sea.

Sub Lieutenant Fitzsimons joined the Royal Navy in January 2016.

The Australian Defence Force works regularly with overseas partners for exercise and training opportunities.