Anzac departs Sydney for South East Asia deployment

The Royal Australian Navy helicopter frigate HMAS Anzac has departed Sydney on a three-month deployment to South East Asia.

As informed, the ship will visit a number of ports while deployed in order to strengthen relationships and interoperability with some of Australia’s close partners in the region.

“Among other countries we will be visiting Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, all of which are important diplomatic and economic partners to Australia,” Commander Michael Devine, Anzac’s Commanding Officer, said.

“Australia also shares a responsibility with these nations for security of the oceanic trade routes between our countries and in the region, so the enhancement of interoperability between our navies is vital,” he added.

Among Anzac’s ship’s company are a number of sailors and officers making the first overseas deployment of their navy careers.

Commander Devine also said that the deployment is another important milestone in the ship’s recent program.

“Our departure on this deployment caps off what has been a very busy period of time, not only in preparing for this trip, but in various exercises and activities over the past months,” he explained.