Mexican Navy long-range OPV getting Indra’s RIGEL electronic defense system

Dutch shipbuilder Damen has contracted Spanish defense technology company Indra to equip the Mexican Navy’s new long-range offshore patrol vessel (POLA) with its RIGEL electronic defense system.

The system will allow the vessel, which is currently under construction, to detect the presence of other platforms.

Indra’s system detects and analyzes radar signals in the vessel’s mission environment, identifying their corresponding radar type, which is useful for ascertaining the platform type and its level of threat. The system provides command officials with information on the environment, alerting them of the risk of being detected by another vessel, aircraft or coastal radar.

According to Indra, the RIGEL system can additionally strengthen ship protection with simultaneous jamming and deception countermeasures for multiple active threats.

The long-range patrol vessel Damen is building for Mexico is based on the company’s SIGMA 10514 design. The vessel is scheduled to be delivered to the Mexican Navy in early 2020. It will be used by the navy in international exercises, humanitarian missions and territorial water protection.