BAE Systems picks Future Frigate steel suppliers

BAE Systems Australia will partner separately with each of BlueScope and Liberty OneSteel for the supply of more than 48,000 tons of Australian steel, should the company be selected to build nine Future Frigates as part of the Federal Government’s SEA 5000 program.

BAE Systems is offering its Global Combat Ship-Australia for SEA 5000, a variant of the Type 26 Anti Submarine Warship that is currently being manufactured in the UK.

If BAE’s design is selected, the total value of this contract, which is expected to be awarded by the federal government in April or May, is AU$35 billion (approximately US$27.4 billion).

As informed, Liberty OneSteel will provide structural steel sections for the Future Frigates from its Whyalla facility, as well as products for 4,000 tons of structural steel for shipbuilding infrastructure, including cradles and other fixtures.

Liberty OneSteel will also have the opportunity to provide processing, fabrication and welding in the Whyalla supply chain prior to delivery.

In addition, BlueScope will potentially provide plate steel which will be manufactured at its facility in Port Kembla, NSW.

“For SEA 5000 we are committed to building the Future Frigates in Australia using Australian suppliers at every opportunity. This includes maximising the use of Australian steel on the program. We are proud to support the Australian steel industry throughout our business and will grow that support if we are successful on SEA 5000,” Gabby Costigan, BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive, commented.