UK officially launches Submarine Delivery Agency

The UK defense ministry officially launched the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) on April 23.

SDA will lead on the procurement, in-service support and decommissioning of all UK nuclear submarines.

The announcement comes after an extra £800 million was secured by the defense ministry for the Royal Navy submarine fleet.

“The SDA is to lead a high-performing industrial enterprise that is committed to strengthening the safety, availability, reliability and security of UK submarines, including our continuous at sea deterrent,” chief executive officer of the Submarine Delivery Agency, Ian Booth said. “The agency will draw on best practice from both the public and private sectors with a focus on cost effective and timely delivery to achieve the best possible outcomes for defense.”

The agency will have the authority and freedom to recruit and retain the people to manage the Submarine Enterprise. The majority of 1,300 SDA staff will be based in Bristol, with other colleagues located at sites such as Barrow, Derby, Devonport, Rosyth and Faslane.

A key facet of the SDA is to manage the Dreadnought and Astute nuclear submarine programs to time and budget, alongside providing day-to-day support to the in-service fleet of Trafalgar, Astute and Vanguard Class submarines. As a responsible nuclear operator, the organisation will also manage the decommissioning and disposal of submarines in a safe and environmentally sound way.