Navantia chooses SMA for Future Frigate bid

Navantia Australia has selected another Australian company that would join it in its bid for the Royal Australian Navy’s Future Frigate program. 

Scientific Management Associates (SMA) has been selected to develop and deliver specialized integrated logistics system (ILS) documentation for Navantia’s F-5000 future frigate design.

As informed, SMA will support the F-5000 Plans for Training Support, Facilities, Disposal and Usage Upkeep.

“In addition to the F-5000’s … anti-submarine and general-purpose capabilities, we are committed to a highly capable logistics and maintenance program to ensure the Royal Australian Navy has full availability of these ships,” Donato Martinez, Navantia Australia managing director, said.

Navantia said that SMA’s ILS managers and practitioners bring strong operational and technical backgrounds to assist Navantia Australia with technical advice and to participate in the Integrated Product Team for the final phase of the SEA5000 tender.

“SMA’s personnel have extensive experience in the analysis, development, delivery and ongoing support of training, documentation and logistic support products for complex commercial and military systems and equipment,” John Robertson, SMA general manager, explained.

The contract for the Future Frigate program is expected to be awarded by the federal government in May and is worth AU$35 billion (approximately US$27.4 billion).