Airbus pitches its H135 for new US Navy helicopter trainer

Airbus Helicopters is offering its Airbus H135 helicopter as the solution for the US Navy’s planned helicopter trainer replacement program.

Photo: Airbus Helicopters

The company has put an H135 demonstrator aircraft in Navy trainer markings on display at the 2018 Naval Helicopter Association Symposium in Norfolk, Va.

The US Navy is looking to acquire commercial aircraft to replace its TH-57 helicopter trainer currently in service. The service expects to procure 105 aircraft with acquisition starting in fiscal year 2020.

“The H135 is a market leading twin-engine, multi-mission helicopter performing the primary training mission for some of the finest militaries in the world,” said Chris Emerson, president of Airbus Helicopters Inc. and head of the North America Region.

“As a twin-engine helicopter, the H135 provides a training environment most similar to the Navy’s warfighting rotorcraft fleet, creating opportunities for cost and operational synergies compared to a single engine trainer,” Emerson added.

The H135 is fitted with a glass cockpit, a crash-resistant fuel system, energy absorbing seats, fuselage and landing gear. According to Arbus, the H135 currently provides pilot training for military pilots in over 13 countries around the world.