Royal Navy offering Wave-class tanker to Brazil: media

The Royal Navy has reportedly informed the Brazilian Navy that it is preparing to sell one of its two Wave-class tankers in 2019.

Royal Navy file photo of Wave-class tanker RFA Wave Knight

According to the Brazilian website Poder Naval, this is the second time the Brazilian Navy has received a notice from the UK about the potential sale of one of the two tankers, RFA Wave Knight and RFA Wave Ruler, which were previously expected to remain in service until the late 2020s or early 2030s.

A potential sale price for the tanker was not revealed, according to the publication.

Both tankers were commissioned in 2003 into the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) which is currently being reinforced with four new Tide-class tankers and two to three fleet support ships which are expected to be ordered by early 2020.

Should the report be accurate, the Royal Navy tanker would reinforce Brazil’s at-sea refueling capabilities which currently depend on the Motta-class replenishment oiler Almirante Gastão (G23) which has been in service since 1991.

Update: The UK defense ministry has denied the report noting there were no plans to sell the Wave-class tankers and that no discussions with the Brazilian government took place.