Propeller damage sidelines German corvette from BALTOPS drill

German Navy corvette FGS Erfurt was prevented from taking part in the US Navy-led BALTOPS drill in the Baltic Sea after damaging her propeller in an earlier exercise.

Erfurt had been part of the NATO Standing Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) since February this year and was close to the end of her deployment.

According to the German news site Kieler Nachrichten, the corvette damaged both propellers as it made contact with the seabed in the Baltic Sea. The corvette returned to her homeport in Warnemünde under her own power which likely means the sustained damage is not extensive.

The 90-meter K 130-class corvette is yet to be docked, however, as it has to move to the North Sea base in Wilhelmshaven in order to be dry docked, according to the report. The navy further said it does not know how long the inspection and repairs of FGS Erfurt would take.

FGS Erfurt was also scheduled to join the Kiel Week sailing event but the crew and ship will have to miss out there too.