US Navy saves 40 off the coast of Libya

The US Military Sealift Command-operated expeditionary fast transport ship USNS Trenton rescued 40 people in the Mediterranean Sea, the US Navy has announced.

The rescued people were provided food, water, and medical care on board Trenton.

The operation took place June 12 while the ship was on routine operations, according to the navy.

Sea Watch, the Germany-based non-governmental organization involved in the Mediterranean Sea migrant crisis response, revealed it had been tasked by the US Navy to take over the rescued 41 people including 12 deceased migrants. The rescue operation took place 12 miles off the coast of Libya, according to the organization.

The organization said its vessel rendezvoused with the USNS Trenton and was waiting on Italy’s response as to whether it could bring the migrants to an Italian port.

Italy has caused international backlash after refusing to let a charity ship with 629 migrants on board dock in Italy over the weekend. Malta has also prevented the ‘Aquarius’ from disembarking the rescued migrants. According to latest reports, the ‘Aquarius’ will be escorted to the Spanish city of Valencia where it will disembark the migrants.