Guam hosts US, Australian personnel for EOD training

US Navy sailors from Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 5, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 25 teamed up with Australian Army personnel to begin the biennial unit level training event, Pyrocrab, on US Naval Base Guam August 6.

The training focuses on building closer relationships between the nations and enhancing the interoperability of their military units.

“This is the third iteration of unit level training with the Australian forces,” said Cmdr. Michael Tollison, commanding officer of EODMU 5. “I am excited to see the improvement in the bilateral cooperation since our last opportunity to work together.”

Service members focused on mobility, survivability and specialist technical EOD capabilities. The training helps foster the overarching goals of enhancing cooperation, interoperability, and tactical proficiency amongst nations that have strategic maritime interests in the Pacific.

“The biggest takeaway from this experience is really the integration between us and how close partners we actually are. We historically deploy as partners and it is essential that we train hard together when we can.” said Australian Army Warrant Officer Class Two Chris Schaefer. “I’ve never been more impressed in regard to how well the US can provide assets and training areas to give full integration like this.”

This training will better prepare the US Navy and partner nation forces to be more versatile, and that in turn will make cooperation easier in various contingencies including disaster and humanitarian assistance missions.

EODMU-5 is a forward-deployed command that provides mine countermeasures and joint expeditionary and special operations forces for missions within the Western Pacific and other areas as needed.

Photo: US Navy and Australian Army personnel coordinate during the unit level training event Pyrocrab. Photo: US Navy