German frigate FGS Bayern nearing homeport after Aegean deployment

German Navy frigate FGS Bayern is set to return to her Wilhelmshaven homeport on Saturday after four months of operations in the Aegean Sea.

In total, the ship spent over five months underway as part of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2), sailing 27,500 nautical miles.

Bayern is returning to Wilhemshaven after being relieved by Bremen-class frigate FGS Lubeck in a ceremony in Souda Bay on August 14.

Both frigates’ deployments are in support of NATO’s Aegean Sea mission to monitor and patrol the region and report all migrant boats leaving the Turkish coasts for Europe.

Another goal of the operation is an increase in the cooperation between the European border agency Frontex and the maritime authorities of Turkey and Greece. By doing so, NATO hopes to curb the migration flow and smuggling activities in the Aegean Sea.

Commenting on the deployment, FGS Bayern’s commander, Frigate Captain Markus Brüggemeier, noted the fact that the frigate deployed for a fifth consecutive year adding that the crew had been well prepared for the task ahead of them.

FGS Bayern is the third of four Brandenburg-class frigates in service with the German Navy. The 138.8-meter ship was commissioned in June 1996.

Photo: German Navy file photo of FGS Bayern

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