ECA Group unveils new USV INSPECTOR 120

ECA Group has released a new INSPECTOR 120 unmanned surface vehicle (USV) as a part of its robotic and autonomous systems portfolio for naval applications.

INSPECTOR 120 carrying a mid-size AUV with its LARS. Photo: ECA

As explained by the company, the 12-meter USV has been developed to automatically deploy the ECA Group unmanned systems (UUVs) such as autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) A18-M, towed sonars T18-M, MIDS, etc.

In addition, the hull of the INSPECTOR 120 is the best compromise for sea keeping, both in transit and at very low speed for launching and recovery of UUVs, according to the company. The INSPECTOR 120 can be deployed from any vessel of length about 50 meters and beyond with launch and recovery systems.

The design of this USV is a result of a study of ship platforms capable to carry different configurations of UMISTM systems for MCM missions. Thus, BE MAURIC recently introduced the design of its new family of dronecarrying vessels, each of these naval platforms being suitable for carrying a typical UMISTM system configuration. The launching and recovery of USVs by sea 4 or 5 is an important criterion for the MCM vessel’s capacity evaluation.

ECA said the USVs of the INSPECTOR range are particularly suited for integration on minehunters and BE MAURIC is working on the optimization of this integration as well as on automated recovery of USVs.