Australian Navy tests explosive detector prototype at Coonawarra base

The Royal Australian Navy tested a maritime version of the Portable Raman Improvised Explosive Detector (PRIED) prototype at HMAS Coonawarra in Darwin on October 10.

The technology was developed through a partnership between Queensland-based EPE and the Defence Innovation Hub.

EPE signed a $1 million contract with the Defence Innovation Hub in February 2018 to further develop the baseline PRIED system to enable its deployment in the maritime environment.

The Maritime PRIED prototype’s objective is to provide increased awareness and protection through a ‘stand-off’ detection capability. This detection is for explosives, chemical warfare agents, narcotics and gases.

“This innovation has the potential to deliver a new paradigm in boarding operations enabling stand-off detection prior to boarding,” Warwick Penrose, director of EPE, commented earlier this year. “For this project, we are partnering with ALAKAI Defense Systems, the manufacturer of PRIED and EPE has also extended our relationships with local engineering and fabrication companies as part of our commitment to fostering an innovative local supply chain,” he added.

The Defence Innovation Hub partners with innovators to provide opportunities for funding to further develop and prove technology to support defense capability needs.

Photo: Photo: EPE