BAE Systems launches fourth River-class OPV Tamar

BAE Systems has launched HMS Tamar – the fourth of five Batch 2 River-class offshore patrol vessels – lowering it into the water at its Govan yard.

Photo: Royal Navy

Tamar was then towed three kilometers downstream to the firm’s Scotstoun facility, where fitting out takes place.

There she joins the third ship in the class, HMS Trent, and the second, HMS Medway, which are both being fitted out.

Medway is days away from completion, according to the Royal Navy, and is due to get underway for her maiden voyage in November.

The lead ship in the class, HMS Forth, is also at the yard undergoing rectification work after problems were identified with the ship’s electrical systems and marine fixings. HMS Forth’s crew are expected to move back on board in November with trials resuming in the second half of January.

The 90 meter OPVs have a range of 5,500 nautical miles and a maximum speed of 24 knots. The new OPVs are four knots faster than their Batch 1 predecessors, have a 30mm automatic cannon as their main armament instead of a 20mm gun, two Miniguns, four machine-guns and are equipped with two Pacific 24 sea boats.