Croatian Navy tests RBS-15 in country’s largest drill in over 20 years

The Croatian Navy performed a test firing of its RBS-15B anti-ship missile, sinking a target vessel in a maneuver conducted as part of the country’s largest military drill since the Croatian War of Independence. 

Photo: Croatian defense ministry

The sinking exercise (SINKEX) took place on October 14 in the “Dugi Otok” training range and saw missile boat RTOP 42 Dubrovnik engage a target at sea from a distance of 30 kilometers.

The Croatian Navy last fired the RBS-15 in October 2016 from the same vessel during the Harpun 16 naval drill.

Once the RBS-15 firing was completed, RTOP Dubrovnik joined missile boats RTOP 41 Vukovar and RTOP 21 Šibenik for gunnery exercises with 57-mm, 30-mm and 23-mm guns. The task group also used their 30-mm and 23- mm guns against an aerial target which was towed by a Croatian Air Force MIG-21.

The naval drills were part of the large-scale Velebit 18 tri-service exercise which involved the participation of over 5,000 Croatian personnel.

“I am proud of the capabilities showcased here in the Command South, firing the RB-15B missile. We have seen the readiness and the power of the Croatian Navy and superb missile launching and hitting of the target at 30-km range,” Croatian defense minister Damir Krstičević commented.