Thales to upgrade Royal Navy Martlet missile as part of £90m contract

The UK defense ministry has awarded Thales UK a £93 million contract to upgrade the Royal Navy’s new Martlet missile which will be carried by Wildcat helicopters.

The Martlet upgrade is part of a broader effort called Future Air Defence Availability Project which will see Thales UK in Belfast work to ensure the enhancements are ready for use on the front line by the next decade.

The MOD is also upgrading the High Velocity Missile – already in service with the Army and Commandos.

Martlet or Lightweight Multirole Missile has been designed for use in the air and on the ground. Wildcats will use them against small surface craft, ground troops can use them against light/medium armor. It’s due to enter service around 2019.

“In these uncertain times, it is crucial we protect ourselves from the rapidly evolving spectrum of global threats,” defense minister Stuart Andrew said announcing the contract. “These cutting-edge missile systems will fortify our military advantage over adversaries and help protect UK Armed Forces across the world and into the next decade.”

Photo: Illustration. Photo: Royal Navy