Power outage hits HMCS Toronto days after fire breaks out aboard sister ship

Halifax-class frigate HMCS Toronto experienced a power outage off the coast of the United Kingdom on Monday, the Royal Canadian Navy has confirmed.

The frigate spent several hours adrift before the ship’s technicians were able to restore power, the navy said.

The vessel returned to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where it will undergo repairs.

In a separate incident involving Royal Canadian Navy Halifax-class frigates, HMCS Toronto’s sister ship HMCS Halifax experienced a fire in its engine room on October 26. The fire broke out in a gas turbine enclosure and was extinguished by the crew.

HMCS Halifax was underway in the Norwegian Sea as part of NATO exercise Trident Juncture at the time of the fire outbreak.

No injuries were reported in both incidents.

Photo: RCN photo of Halifax-class frigate HMCS Toronto