HMS Tyne escorts Russian frigate months after returning to service

Royal Navy’s previously-retired offshore patrol vessel HMS Tyne monitored a Russian frigate as it passed through the English Channel last week.

The Portsmouth-based warship escorted the Yaroslav Mudry, a Russian Neustrashimy-class frigate.

Tyne was paid off in May this year, but issues with the first of a new generation of offshore patrol vessels forced the Royal Navy to reactivate HMS Tyne.

Tyne is the latest patrol vessel to be activated this year to monitor the activity of Russian surface ships sailing in or close to the UK’s area of interest.

The latest tasking came after a busy few months at sea for HMS Tyne. Tyne spent two weeks in the Western Isles under the instruction of Flag Officer Sea Training before returning to duties and since August has been busy across a wide range of tasks.

“Escorting foreign warships is not only a clear statement of our nation’s determination to protect our area of interest but is also a great opportunity for our people,”Lieutenant Peter Cowan, HMS Tyne’s executive officer, said. “It challenges the ship’s company by asking them to prepare and deliver a dynamic tasking and use their expert knowledge and experience to lead us to a successful mission.”


Photo: HMS Tyne with Russian frigate Yaroslav Mudry in the background. Photo: Royal Navy