Dutch Navy’s new combat support ship to be named HNLMS Den Helder

The Royal Netherlands Navy’s new combat support ship that will be delivered in 2023 will be named HNLMS Den Helder, the navy announced on November 9.

As the name of the new ship was announced, the defense ministry also shared a 3D animation of the ship arriving at the Den Helder naval base.

Barbara Visser, state secretary for defense, said this is the first time a Dutch Navy ship will bear the name of Den Helder in recognition of the city’s long-standing cooperation with the navy. Den Helder serves as the logistics base for Dutch and some Belgian warships.

A final contract for the construction of the combat support ship (CSS) will be signed with Dutch shipbuilder Damen in 2019.

The CSS will supply other naval vessels at sea with fuel, ammunition and goods. It will be equipped with two replenishment at sea stations and feature a helicopter deck and hangar for flight operations. There is space for sea containers on the upper deck. For boarding and rescue operations and passenger transport, there are two RHIB motorboats on board.

The future HNLMS Den Helder is the first in a series of new acquisitions for the Royal Netherlands Navy under the country’s 2018 defense white paper. In addition to the CSS, the Dutch Navy will receive new minehunters and frigates that will be procured in collaboration with Belgium.

Photo: Photo: Royal Netherlands Navy