Royal Navy frigate meets Chilean sister ship in South America

Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigate HMS Montrose met her former sister ship as she sailed to South America to mark the 200th anniversary of the Chilean Navy.

The former sister ship is ex-HMS Marlborough, which now flies the Chilean flag as CNS Almirante Condell.

A second Gulf War veteran, Marlborough was sold to Chile with HM Ships Grafton and Norfolk – all of which continue to serve in the South American navy.

Montrose, which is heading for Bahrain ‘the wrong way around the world’ (crossing the Atlantic and Pacific) to begin a three-year mission in the Middle East, met up with Almirante Condel, American assault ship USS Somerset, destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer and a second Chilean frigate, CNS Capitan Prat.

The day saw a number of serials completed, including officer of the watch maneuvers, where the ships conducted various manoeuvers in close quarters with each other, followed by a photoshoot to capture the events.

An exchange of personnel also took place which saw an officer and senior rating from USS Somerset join Montrose for a few hours, while two members of Montrose’s ship’s company headed in the opposite direction courtesy of the frigate’s Wildcat helicopter.

“With HMS Somerset being a former ship of mine, it was a poignant exchange for me,” said weapons engineer Chief Petty Officer Darren Richards.

“I was most impressed by their Hospital Facilities. And it was extremely satisfying watching the successful firing of our automatic small calibre guns from the bridge of the USS Somerset.”

The shooting saw ships taking it in turn to fire on a ‘killer tomato’ target (a large red inflatable), which allowed each ship to demonstrate its close-range gunnery systems and ability to operate together in close vicinity, successfully sinking the target in the end.

“This was an excellent opportunity for us to work with our allies and cement relationships ahead of our visit to Chile to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Chilean Navy,” said Montrose’s Commanding Officer Commander Conor O’Neill.

Photo: Royal Navy photo of HMS Montrose underway with CNS Almirante Condell