French Navy frigates to feature Thales STIR radars

The French Navy plans to install seven tracking and illumination (STIR) radars on its frigates for their gun and missile fire control, defense technology company Thales said.

As informed, five of the radars will be installed on board future intermediate-size frigates (FTI), and two will be placed on board the two FREDA-frigates.

This all-weather fire control radar can track stealth targets superior, even in severe clutter. Besides, the accuracy and reliability are extraordinary high, also in multipath conditions, Thales said.

“With this project, Thales will deliver the fire control radar STIR to the most advanced frigate of one of world’s leading navies. The first delivery is scheduled first half 2020, and the following systems will be delivered in line with the shipbuilding program,” Paul de Ceuninck van Capelle, Sales Manager, noted.

The FREDA-frigates (fregates de défense aériennes) are meant for air defense missions and multi-missions.

The 4,000-ton FTI (fregate de taille intermediaire) medium-size frigates will be equipped for anti-submarine warfare with widened self-defense and commando-projection capacities. The first of the five frigates is expected to be delivered to the French Navy in 2023.

Photo: Photo: Thales