German frigate ‘Augsburg’ returns from final deployment

German Navy F122 frigate FGS Augsburg will return to her Wilhelmshaven homeport on Friday, Februrary 15, concluding her final operational deployment.

The frigate is one of only two ships in her class and is scheduled to retire this year after 30 years of service.

In addition to concluding her final deployment, the frigate also concluded the German Navy’s final operation Sophia contribution.

In January 2019, Germany announced it would no longer be sending ships to the EU-led mission. The decision is reportedly the result of Italy’s refusal to allow rescued migrants to be disembarked at its ports.

During their time at sea, the 200 crew of FGS Augsburg sailed 28,200 nautical miles and inspected over 50 ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

The frigate will take to sea in June to carry out one last training cruise before she decommissions at the end of the year.

FGS Lübeck, the other F122 frigate still in service, returned from a deployment to NATO’s SNMG2 in December last year. She is expected to retire in 2021.


Photo: German Navy file photo of FGS Augsburg at sea