Brazil selects Germany’s MEKO design for new Tamandaré corvettes

The Brazilian defense ministry has selected the Águas Azuis Consortium as the preferred bidder for the construction of the Brazilian Navy’s Tamandaré-class corvettes.

The consortium, formed by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Embraer Defense & Security and Atech, will build a total of four ships under the program which will cost up to USD1.6 billion.

The winning consortium proposed the German MEKO A100 design for the corvettes which are set to carry MBDA’s SeaCeptor air defense missile system.

With thyssenkrupp Marine Systems at the helm, the Águas Azuis consortium will now form a SPC (Specific Purpose Company) for the implementation phase of the program. The ships will be built under a transfer of technology agreement.

Oceana Shipyard will act as the ship builder, as well as transfer of technology (ToT) receiver related to the project. The shipyard is part of CBO Group and is located in Itajaí, Santa Catarina State.

Atech, an Embraer Group company, will be the supplier of the combat management system and the integrated platform management system in cooperation with Germany’s ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, and L3 MAPPS. Embraer Defense & Security will be responsible for integrating sensors and weaponry into the combat system.

According to Brazilian Navy specifications, the corvettes will measure 107,2 meters in length and will displace 3,455 tons.

In addition to the SeaCeptor, the corvettes are to be equipped with MBDA’s Exocet MM40 Block 3 anti-ship missile system, a Leonardo 76/62 main gun, a C-Guard decoy launcher and SEA’s torpedo launch system. They will also feature FN Herstal-delivered remote weapon stations.

The ships are scheduled to be delivered between 2024 and 2028.

“We are very honored by the Brazilian Navy to entrust us with the mission to build the Tamandaré Corvettes Class. Being part of the CCT Program reinforces our leadership position and the proven technologies we have offered to the naval defense industry around the world for almost two centuries,” said Dr. Rolf Wirtz, CEO of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. “This partnership will bring high-skilled jobs and technology to Brazil, strengthening its defense industry.”

The German proposal was one of four designs shortlisted in October 2018. The other three contenders were Dutch shipbuilder Damen, France’s Naval Group and Italy’s Fincantieri.

Photo: TKMS photo of the Tamandare-class MEKO A100 design