Germany’s SeaSpider anti-torpedo torpedo passes first sea trials

German Bundeswehr Technical Center for ships and naval weapons, maritime technology and research (WTD 71) recently completed sea trials of the SeaSpider anti-torpedo torpedo in the Baltic Sea.

Surface Launch of the SeaSpider ATT prototype. Photo: Atlas Elektronik

The trials were carried out sometime in 2018 from a WTD 71 multipurpose vessel in cooperation with defense contractor Atlas Elektronik. The results and photos have now been approved for release following an evaluation of the trials.

The tests saw the full “sensor to shooter” functional chain of a hardkill surface ship torpedo defense system being tested. These comprised the full functional chain with torpedo detection, classification and localisation (TDCL) sonar and the third generation SeaSpider prototype with its above water launcher.

At the WTD 71 test range, both an Mk37 torpedo derived AUV and torpedoes of the DM2A3 type served as the threats which were detected and localized with passive and active TDCL before the SeaSpider launch.

SeaSpider acquired the threats and homed in into closest point of approach (CPA). According to Atlas Elektronik, acoustic and optical means verified a successful intercept

Photo: Atlas Elektronik