Italian Navy receives eighth FREMM frigate Antonio Marceglia

The Italian Navy has taken delivery of FREMM frigate Antonio Marceglia from shipbuilder Fincantieri at its Muggiano, La Spezia, shipyard.

The eighth frigate in its class overall and the fourth in multipurpose configuration was delivered on April 16.

The future ITS Antonio Marceglia was delivered after launching in February 2018 and completing platform and combat system equipment tests in November 2018.

FREMM frigates are being built by Italy and France under the framework of an Italo-French cooperation program under the coordination of OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Cooperation sur l’Armement, the international organization for cooperation on arms).

According to Leonardo, the Italian frigates are equipped with KRONOS Grand Naval multi-function active radar, IFF SIR-M5-PA secondary radar and RAN-30X/I air and surface surveillance, LPI SPN-730 navigation radar and SPN-720 for helicopter precision approach, SASS (Silent Acquisition and Surveillance system) infrared tracking system and, finally, equipped with two multi-sensors (radar and electro-optical) for NA-25X fire control. Leonardo has also realised the integrated internal, external and tactical communication systems for the FREMM frigates.

Leonardo also provides two 76/62 mm Super Rapid defense systems that use the DART guided ammunition for tracking targets, the anti-mine sonar (Mine Avoidance Sonar), acoustic countermeasures against attacks by torpedoes (Decoy Launching System) and the MU90 lightweight torpedo launching system (Torpedo Launching System).

Italy will build a total of ten units in the class.