Saab to deliver Sea Giraffe radars for US Navy

Saab has received an additional order for the Sea Giraffe AMB AN/SPS-77 naval radars for installation on the US Navy’s newest Littoral Combat Ships LCS 36 and LCS 38. 

The ships will be named USS Kingsville (LCS 36) and USS Pierre (LCS 38).

Saab received the first order for Sea Giraffe AMB for the LCS in 2005. Since that time, Saab has continuously developed the standard Giraffe AMB sensor to meet multiple missions in the US sea services from open-ocean blue-water applications into the littorals.

Saab will carry out the work in Syracuse, NY in the U.S. and Gothenburg, Sweden.

In addition to the AN/SPS-77 currently being deployed on Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships, variants of Sea Giraffe are also being developed for US Navy Expeditionary Sea Base ships and US Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter class ships. Saab is also developing a derivative of the AN/SPS-77 known as AN/SPN-50, to meet the air traffic control needs of the US Naval Air Systems Command for deployment on CVN class aircraft carriers and LHA/LHD class landing dock ships.

Photo: US Navy photo of littoral combat ships USS Independence (LCS 2), left, and USS Coronado (LCS 4) underway in the Pacific Ocean.

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