HMS Queen Elizabeth CO relieved over “misuse of official car”

Captain Nick Cooke-Priest, the commanding officer of Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has been relieved of his duties.

The navy confirmed that he has been reassigned to a new role without providing a specific reason.

UK media outlets, however, widely report that the reason for Cooke-Priest’s removal was his use of the ship’s official car for personal affairs.

He will be replaced by Captain Steve Moorhouse, who is currently the commanding officer of future HMS Prince of Wales, the second of two Royal Navy aircraft carriers, which is starting sea trials this year.

It is unclear who will lead the HMS Queen Elizabeth through the final stage of aviation trials later this year as the navy is yet to determine when Captain Moorhouse would take over command.

Captain Cooke-Priest took over the role of HMS Queen Elizabeth CO in October 2018, during the ship’s visit to New York. He replaced the ship’s first commanding officer Vice Admiral Jerry Kyd who is now the Royal Navy Fleet Commander.

Photo: Photo: Twitter/HMS Queen Elizabeth