German sub U36 returning home after international maneuvers

German Navy Type 212 submarine U36 is set to return to its Eckernförde homeport on Friday after almost five months of operations.

The U36 operated out of Norway where it strengthened bonds with the Royal Norwegian Navy, which will soon receive its own Type 212 CD submarines.

“The decision to base U36 in Norway during the deployment was a major success,” said Frigate Captain Timo Cordes, 1. Submarine Squadron commander. “This was another milestone in the joint acquisition of new boats.”

Crew Delta also took part in a number of international exercises, including the Royal Navy-hosted Joint Warrior during which the U36 spent full three weeks at sea. The submarine subsequently supported Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) off the coast of Plymouth.

The UK training portion was followed by anti-submarine warfare drills with the French Navy in the Bay of Biscay and a torpedo shooting exercise off Norway. In total, the submarine covered a distance of over 8,000 nautical miles, over 5,000 of it submerged.

The deployment was not without problems, however, as the U36 came in contact with the ground at the Haakonsvern navy base at the very end of its deployment. The damage to one of the submarine’s four rudders was repaired by Norwegian Navy divers over a course of two days.

U36’s return home will coincide with the official opening of the US Navy-led and German-hosted exercise Baltops with a ceremony in Kiel.

Photo: German Navy photo of U36 during maneuvers with the Royal Norwegian Navy