Turkey’s TAIS picked for Indian Navy fleet support ship design

India’s Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) has selected Turkey’s Anadolu Shipyard to support the construction of five 45,000-ton fleet support ships (FSS) for the Indian Navy.

Part of the TAIS industrial group, Anadolu Shipyard will provide the ship design, supply key machinery equipment (KME), and provide technical assistance.

The Indian Navy FSS project has an estimated total value of $ 2.3 billion, and is expected to take eight years to complete.

According to photos shared by the TAIS group, the tankers could be similar in design to the Pakistan Navy fleet tanker PNS Moawin, which was built by Pakistan’s Karachi Shipyard under a design provided by Turkey’s STM. A significant difference between Indian and Pakistani tankers is the size as PNS Moawin displaces 16,400 tons, compared to the 45,000 tons displaced by Indian FSS.

Construction of the first FSS is expected to begin in 2020.